Scrap Metal Recycling Insurance

Scrap Metal RecyclingAttention Scrap Metal Recycling Businesses: How do rising and failing scrap market prices affect your business insurance? How will that workers' compensation claim you had two years ago affect your bottom line today? Do you have a clear plan for customer traffic in your scrap metal yard? Do you know everything that is needed for your driver and employee files?

The big question is, does your insurance agent truly understand the exposures you face on a daily basis. Whether you own a small local salvage yard with one employee or a multi-state operation with hundreds of employees, we will assist in your property and liability insurance needs. We have proactive insurance and risk solutions from draining appliances and vehicles, unloading of customers, operating and using cranes, shredders and forklifts.

Scrap Metal Shredding With our experience in the scrap metal and recycling industry, TRICOR understands the questions that management may have and the exposures and solutions you are looking for. TRICOR and your staff will structure your risk program together to fit your needs. We use a team approach with our experience in the insurance, safety, OSHA compliance, and DOT compliance to help your salvage yard be more profitable.

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